Expanded Metal Perforated Sheets

"We are Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter of Expanded Metal Perforated Sheets. Our setup is situated in Pune, Maharashtra, India"

Material :

Stainless Steel, Low Carbon steel, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Galvanised steel, Titanium, Nickel Sheet etc.

Expanding Shapes / Design :

Diamond, Square, Hexagonal, Grating, Half Round etc.

Application :

This product is everlasting, widely used in architectural decoration, filters, basket, air filtration unit, medicines, machine guards, animal cages, protection of electrical equipment window, crane walkway, safety doors, room dividers, decorative ceiling, highway fencing, civil works, fan covers / guard, builing plaster trims

Expanded Metal Benefits :

Expanded metal has a wide range of products and designs, which makes it so versatile and likable for many uses and applications. it is maufactured from single piece of metal sheet.it can be welded as per requirement, can be deep drawn and can be folded also.

Minimum Waste :

In the process of making expanded metal because it involves slitting and stretching material to create holes rather than punching it out.

Cost Saving :

Is also a major benefit of expanded metal as compared to other type of processes because it doesnt generate scrap.

* Special designs and sizes are also available at customer's request





Aesthetics through various angles best illustrate the visual properties of expanded metal and it can be further enhanced by use of glass, plastics and other conposites which can be incorporated into, or attachedto, meshes for increase of strength, security and aesthetics.The expanded metal can be further beautified by various process of coloring such as power caoting, anodizing, hot dip coating ect.

Strength to weight ratio of expanded metal is an ideal light weighting solution whilst also maintaining stregth

Anti-skid the knuckles formed by expanding metal give sound grip underfoot, particularly beneficial when used in stair trends, ramps and walkways

Expanded Metal Terminology :

  • SWD : Short way to diamond
  • LWD : Long way t o diamond
  • BOND : Where two strand intersect
  • Strand width (Dent) : Length of metal used to produce one strand
  • Strand Thickness : Guage thickness
  • LWM (Width) : Mesh sheet size, the distance of LWD direction
  • SWM (Length) : Mesh sheet size, the disctace of SWD direction

Technical Notes :

  • Standard width : 900mm, 1250mm, 1500mm
  • Can be available in customized length as well as in coil form.
  • Maximum Thickness : 6mm